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CoMIRS Radio Upgrade Program (RUP)

A grant program to replace or upgrade aging subscriber radios currently in use by operable public safety agencies on the CoMIRS radio system.

The CoMIRS Radio Upgrade Program is part of the Commonwealth’s strategic plan to improve and expand its statewide public safety radio system to become a modern, digital, P25-compliant system.  Funded by the State 911 Department, the grant program provides financial assistance to eligible public safety entities to replace and/or upgrade their existing, P25 non-compliant CoMIRS radios.

The goals of the program are to:

  1. Replace/upgrade eligible, aging operable user radios
  2. Prepare agencies to be able to use the new CoMIRS+P25 radio system once deployed
  3. Begin to rollout new radio features that will be available on the new CoMIRS+P25 digital radio system

Prospective applicants to the CoMIRS Radio Upgrade Program should download the following documents.

Grant Notice and Guidelines:  The Grant Notice and Guidelines describes the eligibility and application requirements for the grant program.  This document provides a list of grant eligible agencies and their application effective dates for submitting grant applications.  Grant applications will span FY21 and FY22.

  • Supplemental Guidance #1:  This Supplemental Guidance document makes changes to the CoMIRS Radio Upgrade Grant.  First, this guidance provides a mechanism whereby Grant Eligible Applicants can request the deferment of grant disbursements until FY2022 to provide their respective communities sufficient time to appropriate and/or allocate funds to satisfy their financial responsibilities under the grant.  Second, this document amends the Table 1A and allows all Grant Eligible Applicants to submit grant applications this fiscal year.
  • Supplemental Guidance #2:  This Supplemental Guidance document modifies the filing deadline for Fiscal Year 2021 Grant Applications.  The new due date is April 2, 2021.
  • Supplemental Guidance #3:  This Supplemental Guidance document explains the grantee’s obligation to make sure that radios being replaced under this program will no longer be capable of operating on the CoMIRS analog trunked system.  The new radios under this program are intended to replace, and not supplement, existing analog radios, which need to be removed from the system prior to the cutover to the new digital radio system.

Application Form: This MS Word document shall be used by eligible agencies to apply for funding under the CoMIRS Radio Upgrade program.  This form needs to be affirmed and signed by an authorized signatory for the applicant agency.

Application Worksheet:  This MS Excel document shall be used by eligible agencies to specify the number of radios that are requested to be replaced or upgraded.  The applicant will use this file to list the details of each radio being requested for upgrade or replacement.

Model Disbursement Form:  The Model Disbursement Form is a template document that Grantees can use when submitting requests for financial disbursement under this grant.  Details about how to request disbursement can be found in the Grant Notice and Guidelines.