Commonwealth Facility Fund for Energy Efficiency (CoFFEE)

The CoFFEE Green Revolving Fund Program advances energy efficiency throughout the Commonwealth by providing a low-cost financing mechanism for energy and water conservation measures at state facilities.

Features of CoFFEE

  • All agencies eligible, including UMass system and community colleges
  • Supports projects that reduce energy and water usage
  • Targets quick-to-implement projects up $95,000, may consider larger projects
  • Supports the full cost or partial cost of a conservation measure
  • Repayment of 85% of savings per year during payback period
  • Low administration fee of 6% after incentives

CoFFEE Process

  • Provides upfront project efficiency funding
  • Utility savings generated repay fund
  • Reinvest savings into new efficiency projects
  • Agencies keep part of savings
  • Creating a sustainable financing source

Typical CoFFEE projects

  • LED lighting and controls
  • EMS enhancements
  • HVAC replacements
  • Domestic water retrofits
  • Solar PV
  • Retro-commissioning
  • Other efficiency measures

Key dates

  • To be determined


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