Commonwealth Facility Fund for Energy Efficiency (CoFFEE) Frequently Ask Questions

Find frequently asked questions on the Division of Capital Asset Management and Matinenance's (DCAMM's) CoFFEE program.

1. Q. When will a new round of funding be available for CoFFEE?

A. The application period will be open from September 11, 2017 with a submission deadline of January 12th, 2018.


2. Q. What is the minimum and maximum CoFFEE amount that will be available per project?

A. CoFFEE will fund projects from $10,000 to $95,000. Larger scale projects efficiency and renewable projects will be considered up to $250,000.Additionally, CoFFEE could fund a portion of larger project, such as a large scale lighting retrofit or renewables project. Those additional funds would be provided and secured separately by the agency.


3. Q. Can the application and attachment(s) be sent through e-mail?

A. Yes, the application and attachment(s) can be and are encourage to be submitted through the “Send Application” button or submitted separately via e-mail to Once received, a confirmation e-mail will be sent.


4. Q. If a large facility does not have building-level data, how would you like the data captured in the application?

A. Square footage, building type and use, occupancy levels and design type can all be used to estimate building energy use when building specific energy bills are not available. Energy auditors will be able to assist in providing the estimates. Please just use best information available.


5. Q. What is the difference between CoFFEE and the Accelerated Energy Program (AEP)?

A. The CoFFEE program is intended to an additional to the AEP. All ongoing and scheduled AEP projects will continue, CoFFEE is meant to provide a additional avenue for agency to fund energy and water projects. Unlike the AEP, CoFFEE projects will be managed by the facility.


6. Q. CoFFEE requires a repayment based on the savings, what percentage of the yearly savings will be repaid? How was this amount determined?

A. DCAMM recommends a repayment of 85% of the expected utilities savings. Using the 85% level, will help ensure the facilities have a net positive cash flow if the realized savings underperformed up to 15%. The 15% performance risk is based on accuracy level of savings estimates outline ASHRAE energy audit Guideline 14-2002.

7. Q. Is there an interest rate or other fees associated with CoFFEE?

A. CoFFEE will provide interest free financing on CoFFEE funded projects. However, there will be a small expense due to the project administrative costs and well as accounting for inflation during the life of the funding. This fee will ensure the long-term sustainability of the fund as well as ensure the purchasing power of the fund does not erode due to inflation. An average CoFFEE fee would be 6% of the total project cost minus the incentive.


8. Q. On the utility rates input section, basic information tab on the application, should the applicant include both the commodity cost as well as delivery charge?

A. Yes, please include total charge. Additionally, applicants are encouraged to submit a copy of any utilities bills.


9. Q. How is the CoFFEE repayment scheduled determined?

A. DCAMM and the user-agency will develop based on the financials savings of the project and desired payment terms, to maximize the benefits to the facility as well as replenishment of the CoFFEE fund. Repayment status in Fiscal Year 2019.


10. Q. Can multiple ECMs (ex. lighting, VFDs & domestic water) be combined in one application?

A. Yes, multiple ECMs can be can be included, and encourage to be submitted in one application. Longer payback ECM’s can be combined with shorter payback ECMs to average a payback of less than 5 years.


11. Q. How will the funds be transferred to our agency?

A. An Interagency Service Agreement (ISA) will be executed between DCAMM and the user-agency. The repayment schedule and terms will be included within the ISA.


12. Q. What type of projects can be funded by CoFFEE?

A. All ECMs that have measured amount of energy/water and related cost savings will be considered.


13. Q. Will a list of the awarded CoFFEE projects be available?

A. Yes, a complete list of projects funded through CoFFEE will be posted on the CoFFEE website when available, as well as costs, savings and other