Contact DUA as an employer

If you are an employer subject to unemployment insurance, use the Employer Customer Service Line to contact the Department of Unemployment Assistance.

Employer Customer Service Line

For assistance in unemployment matters, you should call the Employer Customer Service Line at (617) 626-5075. This line is available Monday through Friday, between the hours of 8:30 a.m. and 4:30 p.m. In order to receive assistance, you will need to have your Employer Account Number (EAN) available. Refer to the menu options below for details.

Option 1
  • Passwords for employers
  • TPA password reset
  • Questions about user ID
Option 2
  • EMAC Supplement Program
  • Details of an EMAC Supplement liability determination
Option 3
  • New account registration
  • Closing an account
  • Address change
  • Method of payment
  • TPA update
  • Temporary user ID and password
Option 4
  • Revenue collections and enforcement
  • Payment plan notice
  • Tax intercept
  • Certificate of compliance
Option 5
  • Benefit charges protest and submission
  • Contributory benefit charges
  • Reimbursable benefit charges
  • Seasonal employer certification
Option 6
  • Audit
  • Business transfers
  • Reporting new federal tax ID number
  • Employment and wage reporting
  • Refunds
  • Payment information
  • Experience rating information


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