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Find out who sits on our reviewing board and how to contact them.

Because of ex parte, (452 CMR 1.17 - see below) and safety concerns, parties to a case must go through the secretaries.

"No party or representative of a party involved in a proceeding before an administrative judge or Reviewing Board shall submit to the administrative judge or Reviewing Board any information, evidence, argument, or advice, whether written or oral, regarding any matter at issue in such proceeding unless such submission is part of the record or made in the presence of all parties. When a party to a proceeding submits a letter or any writing to an administrative judge or the Reviewing Board, a copy shall be served by mail or in hand on counsel for each other party or directly on each other party if not represented."


Judge Carol Calliotte
Melissa Crosby Greenleaf, Ext. 7311

Judge Bernard Fabricant
Lynette Jones, Ext. 7309

Judge William Harpin
Cheryl McCrevan, Ext. 7394

Judge Catherine Koziol
Cheryl McCrevan, Ext. 7394

Judge Martin Long
Lynette Jones, Ext. 7309

Reviewing Board Counsel

         Fred Capone, Esq., Ext. 7380