Contract (receive payment) with the Commonwealth to provide instructional services

Separate from the instructor certification process is the process by which the MPTC pays some instructors to provide training. This requires the instructor to enter into a contract with the Commonwealth to provide instructional services.

Contracts are only provided to instructors who have been certified by the MPTC to instruct in a specific topic area and are interested in teaching for the MPTC. Questions regarding instructor certification should be directed to the subject matter's statewide program coordinator or Rose Sauvageau, MPTC Instructor Certification Manager.

Completing the Instructor Contract (new instructors)

Instructors who have been certified by the MPTC to instruct in a specific topic area and are interested in teaching on behalf of the MPTC should complete the MPTC Instructor Fiscal Contract online, sign and mail an original to MPTC H.Q.

  1. Download the required forms and complete online
  2. Print completed forms SINGLE SIDED
  3. Have the contract signed by an MPTC academy director or an MPTC administrator prior to submission to MPTC H.Q. for approval
  4. Only a contract with original (“wet” blue inked) signature will be accepted. Please use BLUE INK.
  5. Mail the original, signed ("wet blue ink") MPTC State Fiscal Instructor Contract to MPTC H.Q.
  6. The instructor's contract must be approved prior to commence instructional services to receive compensation for the services rendered

MPTC State Fiscal Instructor (Contract) Forms

Following the New Contract Employee Hire Checklist will ensure your Contract is complete and avoid a delay in the commencement of instructional services on behalf of the MPTC. 

Mail a signed, original MPTC Fiscal Instructor Contract to:

Kris Gentile, Instructor Fiscal Contract
Municipal Police Training Committee
42 Thomas Patten Dr., Randolph, MA 02368

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Existing Instructor Contract Renewal

Existing instructors contracted (paid) by MPTC for instructional services should download and complete the Instructor Contract Renewal form prior to its expiration.

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