Council Empowerment Funds Program

This grant program helps people with developmental disabilities and their families learn and grow

This grant reimburses up to $250 of your expenses to attend relevant conferences or other events held in Massachusetts.

This program empowers people with developmental disabilities and their families to learn and grow. By helping you gain knowledge and advocacy skills, we can move you closer to achieving independence, productivity, and inclusion.


Individual Eligibility

You can receive funds if you are a Massachusetts resident and:

  • An individual with a developmental disability

  • A family member of an individual with a developmental disability

  • A guardian of an individual with a developmental disability

You can only receive funds for an approved event once within any two-year period (730 days).

You cannot apply for an event you have already received funds for under a previous application (annual conferences, etc.).

We will prioritize eligible first-time applicants ahead of applicants who have received funding in the past.

Eligible events include:

  • Training in self-advocacy, leadership and self-determination

  • Training that expands your knowledge of your rights

  • Training that will assist you in accessing services, support and other assistance (such as transition or employment services, subsidized housing, etc.)

  • Parent training and information under Part D of the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act

Ineligible events include:

  • Online courses, webinars, etc.

  • Events mainly for professional development

  • Any event that provides professional continuing education credits regardless of whether the applicant is eligible for such credits

Although eligible for funding, applications for:

  • Socialization skill development classes

  • Events held outside of Massachusetts

will only be considered if funds remain after all other eligible applications have been funded.

The event must be related to a Council State Plan Objective.

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