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DALA Staff Directory

Names, titles and phone numbers for DALA staff.
Badolato Lydia Admin 617-626-7261
Barrett  Foster Marcia Admin 617-626-7242
Berman Sara Hearing Officer 617-626-7250
Bresler Kenneth Magistrate 617-626-7200
Bures Katherine Mediator 617-626-7292
Burke Judithann Magistrate 617-626-7200
Byrne Lindsay Hearing Officer 617-626-7250
Cashin Bonney Magistrate 617-626-7200
Crane William Hearing Officer 617-626-7250
DiGiovanni Nelida Admin 617-626-7262
Erlichman Reece BSEA Director 617-626-7255
Feldman-Boshes Erica Mediator 617-626-7293
Figueroa Rosa Hearing Officer 617-626-7250
Flessas Myrto Mediator 617-626-7294
Flynn Matthew Mediator 617-626-7295
Forton Kenneth Magistrate 617-626-7200
Frisoli Donna Admin/Reception 617-727-7200
Heidlage Richard Administrative Magistrate 617-626-7200
Imparato Maria Magistrate 617-626-7200
LeBlanc Tiana Admin 617-626-7264
Lilly-Weber Steven Mediator 617-626-7296
Luick Sarah Magistrate 617-626-7200
McConney Scheepers Angela Magistrate 617-626-7200
McGrath Edward B. Chief Administrative Magistrate 617-626-7200
O'Brien Paul Admin Scheduler 617-626-7263
O'Donnell Sitthikay Admin 617-626-7265
Oliver Raymond Hearing Officer 617-626-7250
Putney Catherine Hearing Officer 617-626-7250
Rooney James First Administrative Magistrate 617-626-7200
Scannell Ann Hearing Officer 617-626-7250
Sevigny Marc Director of Mediation 617-626-7291
Silverstein Mark Magistrate 617-626-7200
Singleton Susan Mediator 617-626-7297
Stone Rebecca Mediator 617-626-7298


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