Data Exchange

Method of exchanging data with the GIC.

Frequently Asked Questions

Revised on July 19, 2017

What enrollment data will be required with the Notice of Intent ?

The data elements required for entry into the GIC are listed in the required municipal initial enrollment data.

How do we physically exchange eligibility and other forms of electronic data with the GIC?

All Municipal Employers exchange data using the State's secure e-mail system (Interchange). The GIC’s Information Technology (IT) staff will provide information on how to use this process. All data exchanges will require the Municipal Employer to use the standard formats developed by the GIC for each particular file process. 

Are there any other technical requirements that we need to know?

The GIC requires that all Municipal Employers designate a technical contact in order to ensure that all data exchanges are handled in a timely and efficient manner. The GIC’s IT staff will try to assist Municipal Employers with the IT requirements.


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