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DCR Parks Trail Maps

Find out how your organization can help the DCR more effectively serve visitors to Massachusetts state parks.


The Commonwealth’s parks welcome thousands of visitors each year. DCR has to reprint maps and brochures often to update information and to ensure that there are enough for all. As a Trail Maps Partner, you would be supporting DCR’s effort to reprint and restock the map kiosks at each park.

Program Objectives

  • Provide maps to familiarize visitors with park trails and amenities
  • Reproduce and distribute DCR's statewide brochures

Partnership Details

Given the amount of work necessary and rolling nature of inventory, the program has been broken into three annualized projects. Actual cost will be determined prior to each printing

  • Your organization will be recognized on each map
  • Redesigned and/or printed annually based on priority and need:

    • Estimating producing 30-50 maps/year

    • Quantities for each map to be based on demand

  • Your organization would receive maps to distribute

  • Total cost: 3 year commitment @ $35,000/year = $105,000