DCR Watershed Plan Publications

View the plans used to protect greater Boston's drinking water supply.

There are three critical components to the planning process for each watershed in the DCR/MWRA Water Supply System:

  1. Public Access Plan -  describes the management policies that allow people to recreate on DWSP lands while still protecting water quality.
  2. Land Management Plan - a thorough description of the watershed’s physical features, the natural resources on DWSP property, and the variety of techniques used by the agency to enhance water quality, including land protection and forest and wildlife management.
  3. Watershed Protection Plan - takes information from the Public Access Plan and Land Management Plan and integrates water monitoring findings and other studies to create an action plan that is the basis for an annual Work Plan and budget.

There are also other plans and reports that aid in developing each of these plans.

Planning for the Protection of the DCR/MWRA Water Supply System

Land Management Plans

2017 Land Management Plan
A comprehensive plan that covers the Quabbin Reservoir, Ware River, Wachusett Reservoir, and Sudbury Reservoir watersheds.

Previous Land Management Plans
The 2017 Land Management Plan references previous editions of each respective watershed's Land Management Plans: