Debt and Other Financial Indicators

Real-time reports generated from the DLS Gateway Application

Real-time reports relating to bond ratings (Moody's and S&P's), certified free cash, municipal debt analysis, and a financial flexibility analysis based on data submitted by cities and towns.  Data in these reports are based on Moody's and Standard & Poor's rating agencies, and cities and towns submission of their balance sheet and Schedule A (annual financial report).

Bond Ratings

Ratings issued by two ratings agencies (Moody's and Standard and Poor's).

Trends in Municipal Bond Ratings

Explanation of Bond Rating by Rating Agency: Moody's and S & P

Certified Free Cash

Remaining, unrestricted funds from operations of the previous fiscal year including unexpended free cash from the previous year, actual receipts in excess of revenue estimates shown on the tax recapitulation sheet, and unspent amounts in budget line-items. Unpaid property taxes and certain deficits reduce the amount that can be certified as free cash. The calculation of free cash is based on the balance sheet as of June 30, which is submitted by the community's auditor, accountant, or comptroller. Important: free cash is not available for appropriation until certified by the Director of Accounts.  In addition to a community's free cash the director is also responsible for certifying retained Earning on Enterprise Funds, free cash of other taxing districts, and Excess and Deficiency Funds of a regional school district.

Additional Resources

Municipal Debt Analysis

Spreadsheets with Municipal Debt as reported on the annual financial report (Schedule A).

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