Descriptions of Farmland Program Properties

The eight representative farmland properties benefiting from the program

Property 1-Former Criminal Justice Training Center, Agawam
12 +/- acres formerly Hampden County land located west of South Westfield Street and east of Pine Street in Agawam. The parcel has been used previously for a Pick-Your-Own vegetable operation. Soils on the parcel consist of Agawam fine sandy loam, 3-8% slopes; Merrimac fine sandy loam, 3-8% slopes and Windsor loamy sand, 3-8% slopes. Limited access is available off of South Westfield Street.

Property 2-Danvers Agricultural Reserve, Danvaers/Middleton
Approximately 205.4 acres, formerly part of Danvers State Hospital, located west of Route 1 surrounding former state hospital land and the Hogan Regional Center. Parcels 1-13 and 15-30 as described in M.G.L. Chapter 686 of the Acts of 1981. All fields have been in rotation of forage corn and grasses.

Property 3-Former Grafton State Hospital, Westborough & Shrewbury
Parcel J: Nourse Street and Glen Street, Westborough. That certain parcel of land shown at LOT 1B AREA = 11.45 ACRES as shown on plan entitled “APPROVAL NOT REQUIRED PLAN LAND ON NOURSE STREET WESTBOROUGH, MA WORCESTER COUNTY, SCALE 1” = 100’, DATE: FEBRUARY 10, 2003 and recorded at Worcester County Registry of Deeds in Plan Book 844, Plan 38

Property 4-Former Taunton State Hospital, Bridge Street, Lakeville
Approximately 49.3 acres of gently sloping land located to the east of Route 105 on either side of Bridge Street. Soils types include Belgrade and Raynham silt loams, Deerfield sandy loam, Hinckley gravelly loamy sand and Windsor loamy sand. Capability classes include IIw, IIIw, and IIIs. The southernmost portions of parcels D & E are quite west. The land has been in silage corn with hay/grass rotation.

Property 5-Former Lancaster State Industrial School for Girls, Lancaster
Approximately 34.8 acres at the Lancaster State Facility on the north and south side of Route 110 and Forbush Road in the towns of Lancaster and Bolton. Final configuration of Parcels B & C to be determined.

Property 6-Westborough State Hospital, Northborough/Westborough
Certain parcels of land as described in M.G.L. Chapter 329 section 1 of the Acts of 1994 located on the campus of the Westborough State Hospital, adjacent to the westerly side of Lyman Street, containing approximately 51.10 acres, more or less, and the easterly side of Lyman Street, containing approximately 22.70 acres, more or less, which have been used as active agricultural land, all acres being southerly of the intersection of Lyman Street and Talbot Street. Parcels have been in forage production.

Property 7-Western Mass. Hospital, Westfield
The property consists of approximately 46 acres of agricultural land in seven fields surrounding the hospital campus buildings on both sides of East Mountain Road. All fields have been in continuous vegetable production. Western Massachusetts Hospital is a 24-hour residential health care facility with a summer camp for handicapped children. For this reason, the hospital administration prefers organic management of the property. Proposals for IPM management may be considered provided NO restricted pesticides are applied anywhere on the property, synthetic pesticides are applied ONLY before 7:30 AM or after 5:00 PM when there is no wind, and a list of all chemicals to be used is submitted to the hospital administration and MDAR in advance of each growing season.

Property 8-DCR Wachusett Watershed Fields 55 & 56, Princeton
Approximately 7.4 acres of land designated at Fields 55 & 56 located on the east and west sides of Worcester Road (Route 31) in Princeton. These fields are under the control of DCR and in order to protect the rights and safety of the general public including the continued supply of as high a quality drinking water as possible as well as to insure the reasonable exercise of agricultural use, the following conditions shall prevail: 1. The land is to be used for the production of hay only. 2. No herbicides or pesticides or raw manure may be used on any fields. Natural insect control measures such as pheromone traps and BT may be used. Chemical fertilizers and ground limestone may be used according to soil test results. The license holder must abide by the rules and regulations as stated in 350 CMR 11.00.


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