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District Attorney Jonathan W. Blodgett


District Attorney Jonathan W. Blodgett was re-elected to his fifth term in November, 2018. Since he was first elected in 2002, District Attorney Blodgett has been a leader in confronting a range of issues including the opiate epidemic, domestic violence, auto insurance fraud and gun violence, through prosecution, diversion, and partnerships with schools, police, and community leaders.

District Attorney Blodgett has an innovative and effective approach to fighting crime. He instituted an adult drug diversion program and has rolled it out to all district courts in the county. He also expanded juvenile and youthful diversion programs throughout the county. He initiated a special Gun Court session in Lynn District Court that has eliminated the backlog in gun cases in Lynn. He partnered with the Insurance Fraud Bureau of Massachusetts and local police to prosecute auto insurance fraud which has not only saved rate payers millions of dollars but has made the streets safer. His Office has also expanded the use of High-Risk Assessment Teams to better protect victims of domestic violence and hold batterers accountable.

He is currently chairman of the Board of the Addiction Policy Forum and has been a member of the Board of the Massachusetts Office of Victim Assistance since 2005.  He was elected President of the National District Attorneys Association in 2018 and has served on the Board and the executive committee of the National Association of Drug Court Professionals.  

He is a graduate of Peabody High School, Princeton University and Suffolk Law School. He lives in Peabody with his wife, Judy. They have three children and four grandchildren.