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Electronic Payment for Annual Filings by charities

Learn how to pay your annual filing fee electronically.

The Office of the Attorney General (AGO) accepts electronic payments via ACH (Automated Clearing House) Debit. These programs are administered by the Commonwealth of Massachusetts (the Commonwealth).

Pay Your Annual Filing Fee ACH Debit

It’s safe and secure – the AGO uses a standard service provider.

Your information will only be used to process your payment

On your bank statement, the payment to the AGO will be listed as Commonwealth of Massachusetts.

To Get Started

Go to and enter your charity’s Attorney General account #.

Frequently asked questions

What payment methods are accepted?

The accepted methods of payment is ACH debit transfers. Additional methods for payments may be available in the future.

Who can use this service?

Any public charity that is registered with our office and has an Attorney General Number must use this site to pay the filing fee for the Annual Filings. If you have not registered with the AGO yet, please click here and follow the instructions on the webpage. 

What is the convenience fee?

There is no convenience fee for ACH debit transfers.

Does the AGO get my payment method information?

No, the AGO does not receive any personal payment method data such as routing or account numbers

.What is my Attorney General number?

All charities are given an Attorney General Number upon initial registration. If you are unsure of the correct Attorney General number, please confirm it before paying at

How is the payment recorded by the AGO/Non-Profit Organizations/Public Charities Division?

Your payment will be recorded in our records based on the six-digit Attorney General Number entered.

Can I make a partial payment or use more than one card?

No, you cannot make a partial payment or split the payment between multiple payment methods. Anything other than a single payment of the correct and complete filing fee may result in the organization being out-of-compliance and ineligible for a Certificate for Solicitation.

Will I receive a payment confirmation number?

Yes, you will receive a real-time confirmation number on the receipt. An email confirmation number will also be sent to the email address provided during the process.  A printout of the receipt or the e-mail confirmation MUST be included with the paperwork (Form PC/Form 990 and Financial Statements, as appropriate) in order for the AGO to verify your payment.

What do I do with my payment confirmation number and receipt?

Print out a copy of the receipt (or the e-mail confirmation) and enclose it with the relevant paperwork (Form PC, Form 990, Financial Statement) that you mail to the AGO.  You may also wish to keep a copy of the confirmation receipt with your records.

What would prevent me from getting a confirmation email?

All payments made through the standard service provider will get a real-time confirmation e-mail. Some spam-filtering software may be configured to prevent the delivery of e-mails from certain addresses.

How can I calculate my Gross Support and Revenue?

The Gross Support and Revenue is calculated directly from the IRS 990 form and instructions can be found on the Form PC Instructions

    1. If you file  a Form 990: Part VIII, Line 12 - Line 7d Column A
    2. If you have completed a Form 990-PF: Part I, Column (a), Line 12 less Line 6a
    3. If you have completed a Form 990-EZ:  Line IX less Line 5c

What is ACH-Debit?

The ACH Debit method of electronic funds transfer requires the organization or individual making payment (the filer)  to provide the Commonwealth  with a bank account routing and account number. This account is where authorized payments will be withdrawn. At the time that payment is due, that is, when the organization is ready to file its PC and other papers, the filer authorizes the Commonwealth  to make a withdrawal from that account in the amount of the filing fee.

How Does ACH Debit work?

ACH Debit is an authorized withdrawal by the filer from their bank account using the banking information provided by the filer to the Commonwealth. The filer selects the date that the payment will be initiated. This is known as the settlement date. Once a transaction is initiated on the settlement date the payment information is sent to the COMMONWEALTH's bank that in turn sends the payment request to the filer's bank. The filers bank checks the bank account for sufficient funds and makes the withdrawal and then forwards the monies to the Commonwealth's bank. From there it is deposited into the Commonwealth's account.

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