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Emergency Management Exercise Training

There are several training opportunities available to develop and enhance exercise programs. Courses are offered through Independent Study (IS), instructor-led classroom delivery, and webinar formats

Independent Study Courses

Master Exercise Practitioner Program (MEPP)

MEPP is a series of two classroom courses (E0132 and E0133) on advanced exercise design, conduct, and evaluation practices. Candidates then complete an individual capstone project (a functional or full-scale exercise package). MEPP candidates should have at least three years of experience in exercise design.

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Hazard City

Hazard City is a tabletop exercise kit that lets participants roleplay and simulate a real-life event in a hands-on environment. It supports Incident Command System (ICS) instruction, validates plans and procedures, rehearses concepts, and assesses the level of preparedness.

To learn more about Hazard City, contact the Training and Exercise Unit.