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Employee Performance Review System

EPRS for Non-Managers

Employee Performance Review System

Our goal is to ensure a high-performing workforce with the skills and understanding necessary to meet performance objectives. Employee Performance Review System (EPRS) is a tool for bargaining unit employees, confidential employees, and TPL employees to improve productivity by increasing communication between these employees and their supervisors. EPRS helps employees know what is expected of them on the job, how supervisors will evaluate their job performance and how the successful performance of their duties will contribute towards accomplishing the agency’s mission and goals. Every employee is evaluated at least once per year. Each evaluation is made up of three separate stages.

Roles and Responsibilities

For your own form, you are the employee. If you direct others, you will also be a supervisor and/or reviewer of EPRS forms for employees lower in your reporting chain. You may have more than one role:

  • Employee: The employee is the person being evaluated.
  • Supervisor: The supervisor for the employee completing an EPRS form. See Introduction to EPRS for more information.
  • Reviewer: A second-level or a higher-level supervisor reviews the EPRS of an employee. The reviewer determines the final rating and may add comments about the employee's performance.

New Hire Timeframes

  • If before March 31, compressed 3 stage cycle
    • Stage A Upon start
    • Stage B Half-way to June
    • Stage C June
  • If on or after March 31, stretch to include next year
    • Stage A Upon start
    • Stage B January
    • Stage C June

EPRS: Stages, Guides and Forms

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