Employer sponsorship requirements

Having skilled workers is critical to the success of any business. As we progress in the 21st century, this need will become even more critical.

By participating in registered apprenticeship, employers can build a dynamic, self-empowered workforce that will lead their business into the future.

Employer sponsorship requirements

For employers


If you are an employer who is interested in enhancing the problem solving capabilities and versatility of your workforce, increasing productivity, improving employee relations through a collaborative commitment to success, and attracting high quality applicants who are motivated to succeed, we urge you to contact us.

Our division not only promotes and coordinates apprenticeship in the Commonwealth but is charged with developing new programs both in the traditional building trades and non-building trade areas. At your request, we will send a compliance officer to meet with you to discuss the rules, responsibilities, and benefits of becoming a registered sponsor of apprenticeship.

In order to remain competitive in the global economy, U.S. companies must embrace a philosophy of continuous improvement. Institutionalizing apprenticeship training in your organization can help you retain your competitive edge in the face of continuously evolving training needs and technology.

There are over 850 occupations in a wide range of industries that can be sponsored through apprenticeship training, 101 of which are currently registered with 452 Massachusetts employers. See list of registered apprentice occupations.

Today's apprentices become the supervisors and leaders of tomorrow.

Application process

An employer may start the application process by calling the office at (617) 626-5409 to schedule a meeting with field personnel. Staff will schedule a meeting within two weeks of initial contact. At this meeting field staff will verify the place of business and explain the requirements of the apprenticeship model. Sponsor applicants may view a sample copy of the sponsor application, standards and all statues, regulations and policies on the DAS website.

Only original copies of the Standards as supplied by staff will be accepted. Field staff will help the applicant fill out the necessary forms and explain how the apprenticeship model works. A meeting will be scheduled at the applicant's place of business and the nearest Career Center. These meetings can occur at any point in the process prior to approval. At the Career Center meeting, staff will familiarize the applicant with the services available. The applicant will not be required to register with the Career Center. The sponsor need only become knowledgeable with the Career Center services, location and contact person.

The sponsor will be required to have:

  • Program Standards as supplied by the Division or the Sponsor. Standards describe the guidelines of the program and may be modified with the approval of the Director.
  • A written apprentice intake policy is required for all apprenticeship programs. As an example this policy might include:
    • Placing job requests with a Career Center
    • Intake through a Vocational School. (Articulation Agreement)
    • Print or Electronic Media ie. Newspaper or Internet Ads
    • Walk-ins or Personal contacts
  • A written related training program specifying the curriculum and with whom the 150 hours of training will be conducted for the term of the apprenticeship. Training may be conducted in-house or be contracted to a training provider approved by DAS.
  • On the job work processes for the term of the apprenticeship. The field staff can provide the applicant with most work processes in the construction occupations.

The fees associated with the Division are as follows:

  • Annual sponsor fee $300
  • Annual Apprentice ID fee $35
  • Sponsor verification $50

The approval process can take between 4 to 6 weeks depending on the complexity of the program and scheduling. All new programs will have a one-year probationary period.