ESI Checklist

This page provides a checklist of ESI content, devices and locations

ESI: What Is It?

  • Content, media, storage, special data considerations, location
  • Reasonably Accessible



Examples of ESI Content

  • System output
  • System data (when users log on, websites visited, passwords used, docs printed or faxed)
  • Office documents (ex: Word, Powerpoint, Excel)
  • Photos
  • Maps
  • Movies
  • Electronic calendars and to do lists generated by MS Outlook and other desktop software
  • IM records
  • Backup and archival data
  • Databases
  • Text messages
  • Web page content
  • Email content; email attachment content
  • Deleted documents and other deleted data*
  • Voicemail


Examples of ESI Media and Storage Devices

  • Emails and their attachments
  • Web pages, old and new
  • Videos
  • Floppy disks
  • CDs
  • Audiotape
  • Videotape
  • Microfilm/Fiche
  • Data storage Tapes
  • Hard drives
  • Servers (web, application, FTP)
  • Digital film
  • Thumb drives
  • Memory cards

Examples of ESI Locations

  • Individual employee, contractor or agent of agency:
    • Hard drive of PC or laptop in central office, remote location, or home for telecommuters, for all kinds of documents
    • See especially PC hard drive or shared drive storage for emails offloaded from email system (.pst files)
    • Centralized email and other central system servers
    • Network servers containing shared drives
    • CDs, floppy disks in any location where employee/contractor works
    • USB drives-hard and thumb or flash drives
    • PDAs----anywhere
  • Files stored on individual or network drives
  • Servers of public email providers used by state employees at work-Google, hotmail
  • Servers on site or at remote host
  • Equipment in storage area awaiting disposal
  • Backup tapes onsite or offsite
  • Made before upgrades
  • Made for disaster recovery
  • Made routinely
  • Cell phones (text messages, phone numbers) and Personal Digital Assistants (PDAs) carried on the person
  • Blackberry (can cache email)
  • Treo (can cache email)
  • Palm Pilot
  • "Q"
  • Third Party Data Holders
    • External mail services:
      • Gmail (Google)
      • - Hotmail (MSN)
      • - Yahoo! mail
    • Long term storage
      • Iron Mountain
      • State archives
    • Disaster Recovery Contractor
      • For some systems, tapes shipped out periodically for storage (e.g. SunGuard)


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