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Establishing a Restoration Coordination Center to support restoration projects in Cape Cod, MA

Funding for this project was provided by MassBays to the Association to Preserve Cape Cod (2016)

About the project

In 2015, the Association to Preserve Cape Cod (APCC) developed a comprehensive Cape-wide inventory of coastal restoration projects based on input from all 15 Cape towns. Over 140 projects were identified as in need of assistance, including salt marsh, stormwater and fish passage restoration projects to restore habitat and improve water quality and coastal resilience.

In response to these needs, APCC established a Restoration Coordination Center (RCC) to assist communities with project implementation by providing coordination, project management, technical assistance, outreach, and other services to promote the implementation of holistic, cost-effective, and ecologically sound restoration projects. With funding provided by MassBays Healthy Ecosystem Grant as well as matching funds from the Cape Cod Foundation, Eddy Foundation and APCC member donations, APCC was able to: update the inventory and conduct a formal prioritization of restoration projects across the Cape; identify three priority projects within the MassBays region for further development; and write project plans and submit funding requests for these projects.

The RCC is also supported by partnerships with the Cape Cod Conservation District, the Cape Cod Commission, the Massachusetts Division of Ecological Restoration, the Massachusetts Division of Marine Fisheries, and the MassBays Program Cape Cod Regional Coordinator. The guiding principles of the RCC include collaboration; ecosystem based management; resiliency; and long term sustainability. The outcomes of this project help support MassBays in the fulfillment of its goals by providing a new transferable resource management tool, supporting work that will enhance embayment conditions, and providing outreach and training for municipalities to support local decision-making.

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