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Frequently Asked Questions on Massage Establishment Licensure

Find FAQs below.

How long will it take for me to receive my establishment license?

Individual circumstances can affect the amount of time it takes to issue a license. Generally, however, the Board of Registration of Massage Therapy ("Board") asks that applicants allow 4 to 6 weeks for processing after all required documents are received by the Board and all required  inspections are completed.


Can I obtain a temporary license?

No. The Board does not issue temporary licenses.


Can my establishment offer massage therapy while waiting for an establishment license?

No. That would constitute unlicensed practice and is a violation of the law.


Can I find out if my application will be approved before I submit it and pay the non-refundable fee?

No. The Board will only consider an application after it has been submitted along with the application fee.


What can I do to speed up the application process?

1. Assure that the application is complete and includes all documents.

2. Provide the Board with a valid e-mail address. This is the preferred method for routine correspondence and speeds things up greatly.

3. If a document is not included because it is being mailed separately, please include a note to let the Board know to expect it.

4. The application must be notarized in both spaces where notarization is indicated and the notary must indicate that s/he has checked a government issued identification - personal knowledge is not sufficient.


If my application for licensure is denied, will my application fee be refunded?

No. Application fees are not refundable.


Do I need to set up an appointment for an inspection?

No. Once your application and all required documents are received by the Board, the Board  will conduct a background check prior to forwarding the application file to the Office of Investigations.  Once the application is received in the Office of Investigations, an  investigator will contact you to schedule the date and  time for the inspection. The Office of Investigations has (10) business days from receipt by the board to contact you regarding your initial inspection.


How will I know whether there are any problems with the application that I have submitted?

You will be contacted via e-mail and advised of any deficiencies in your application or informed of any additional documentation that the Board has requested. If you do not have e-mail these correspondences will be sent via regular mail.


How will I know whether the board has received my application?

The Board does not send routine acknowledgements when an application is received. You may send your application "return receipt requested" or via another service that verifies receipt. If you are concerned that the Board may not have received your application, please send an e-mail to the Board indicating:

The operator's full name,

The establishment name,

The establishment address

The date that the application was sent.

If you cannot send an e-mail, you can call the Board. However, e-mail is more efficient.


How will I know when my license has been issued?

If you have provided a valid e-mail address with your application, the Board will send an e-mail informing you of your licensure. The e-mail will normally be sent within two business days of the date that your license was issued. If you have not provided a valid e-mail address, then you may check the board web site using the " Check a Massage Therapist License" feature.

Select "Business" (or the "Business info" tab).

On the next page, in the "Business name" box, type the first 3 or 4 letters of your establishment name.

Then press "search", you will get a list of establishments with names that start with the same letters.

If your establishment name is on the list, click on the name to see your license information.

The information will appear on the web site, as described above, 2 or 3 business days after your establishment license has been issued. If your name does not appear, either the license has not yet been processed or 2 - 3 business days have not yet passed since the license was processed.

The license card will arrive in the mail 4 to 6 weeks after the issue date.


Four to six weeks have passed since my license was issued and I have not received the license card in the mail. What should I do?

Please contact this office immediately (via e-mail, if possible) inform the Board of your name, address and license number and the fact that you have not received your license card in the mail. A new one will be sent. Note that, if you delay in letting the Board know that you have not received your license, you may be charged the duplicate license fee for another copy. So, while it is important to allow the requisite time for delivery of your license, it is also important to inform the board in a timely fashion if it is not received.


I have held a license in a profession other than massage therapy. Must I report that on my application?

Yes. If the license was issued in a jurisdiction outside of Massachusetts, the Board must receive a verification letter in a sealed envelope from the jurisdiction in which the license was held.


My establishment has hired a new Compliance Officer. Do I need to notify the board?

Yes. The operator of the establishment shall provide the board a written statement indicating who the new licensed compliance officer will be. The new compliance officer shall submit a Statement of Compliance Officer form and a CORI authorization Form. Both forms can be found under  "Applications and Forms".