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Home Composting Workshops & Demonstrations

The Department of Environmental Protection (MassDEP) offers and supports activities and programs to help homeowners, educators, and professionals learn about composting.

Home composting is an inexpensive, rewarding, and environmentally beneficial way to manage organic materials. Yard waste like leaves and grass clippings, along with kitchen scraps and soiled paper, make up nearly half of what a household discards.

But rather than throw these organics away, why not compost them into nutrient-rich soil additive for your garden? Anyone can compost. It's simple, and you can do it in your back yard or even indoors.

MassDEP Composting Instruction

The agency currently offers three types of programs.

Composting Demonstrations Exhibits that feature compost and worm bins, handouts, ongoing demonstrations, and MassDEP staff on hand to answer questions.

Network of Home Composters Workshops

These sessions teach the basics of composting, and provide information and materials participants can use to promote composting in their communities. Discount compost bins are sometimes available.
Workshops for Educators Bring the fascinating world of earthworms into your classroom or schoolyard to recycle organic material and teach your students about ecosystems, decomposition and energy transformation.

The MassDEP Calendar at the bottom of this page will include any upcoming demonstrations or workshops that are currently scheduled.

Sponsoring Organizations

In addition to MassDEP, the following organizations present composting demonstrations and workshops regionally across the state. Call them for additional information.


City of Boston Recycling Hotline

Earthworks Projects

Cape Cod Cape Cod Cooperative Extension
508-362-2511 x585

The Center for EcoTechnology

Franklin County Solid Waste Management District

Hilltown Resource Management Cooperative

Your group and community can participate, too. See below for MassDEP guidance on how to present a composting workshop.

Additional Resources for

MassDEP Calendar

If any composting demonstrations or workshops are upcoming, you'll find them listed in the calendar below.