Hot Topics for Tax Filing Season

Follow news on DOR issues that may impact more than one taxpayer. We describe the issue and will provide updates on the progress until it’s resolved.

Changes in 1099-K requirements

February 15, 2018: There are new reporting requirements for third party settlement organizations. Beginning with the 2017 calendar year, third party settlement organizations must report, on Form 1099-K, gross amounts over $600 paid to anyone with a Massachusetts address.  

DOR has prepared answers to questions that may be asked by taxpayers who receive a 1099-K this tax filing season.

Notice of Change in Tax Return

February 6, 2018: Some taxpayers may receive a Notice of Change in Tax Return that shows adjusted payments, and a reduced refund or balance due that seems incorrect. If the notice only shows a change to payment lines and you receive the refund you requested, you can be sure that there is no problem. Refunds are generally issued within a few days of the notice. We are addressing several issues with this notice and a new version is expected to be in use for 2017 returns in mid-February. We apologize for any confusion this notice may cause until then. If the notice shows additional changes and you are unsure of the reason, please call our contact center at 617-887-6367.

Employer's State ID Number on MA W-2s

January 29, 2018: Some employers may have mistakenly used their Massachusetts withholding account ID in box 15, the Employer’s state ID number field on their W-2s. The WTH account ID is used internally by DOR and should not replace the federal EIN for this purpose. If you are using tax preparation software and you have any problems with your entry for box 15 of a MA W-2, please enter the Employer’s identification number (EIN) from box b for the Employer’s state ID number in box 15 when filing personal income tax returns. DOR will accept either number. (See sample W-2 form.)


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