How schools and MRC work together

Partnership videos: Learn how schools and the MRC work together to support students with disabilities transition from High School.

These resources were developed with support from a State Personnel Development Grant from the US Department of Education’s Office of Special Education Programs to the Commonwealth of Massachusetts (PR-H323A120013). 

Get connected to transition services

If you are a student with a disability, your high school staff can connect you with the Massachusetts Rehabilitation Commission (MRC) and a pre-employment transition services provider (pre-ETS) to help you explore and prepare for a job or further education. MRC can help you explore interests and connect to opportunities both during and after High School.

The following videos will demonstrate how a strong school and MRC partnership can get you connected to services that support your employment related goals as you near graduation. Schools can include MRC into your planning for adult life two years before your graduation date. Some students may be eligible for Chapter 688, an option for those with significant disabilities who will need more support.

Watch the videos below to learn about transition services, and how your school can help you get connected and benefit from MRC.

Want to learn more about pre-employment transition services? 

For information on Pre-Employment Transition Services (pre-ETS) please contact Jennifer Stewart, MRC Statewide Transition Director, to learn more about the pre-ETS services for students 14-22 years old.

For more ideas and tips on how MRC counselors and school staff can partner to support students with disabilities, see Steps to Develop a Successful MRC and High School Transition Team.

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