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How to Find A Course

How to Find A course in P.A.C.E.

NOTE:  The PACE course catalog will have an extensive list of courses.  The tips below will narrow the list to courses that more likely match your interest.




If you want to find:

Select the following PACE  topic from the dropdown list

Training events that are optional, and are intended as continuing education or professional development in nature

Professional Development

NOTE:  Professional Development will be used at the PACE topic even when the name includes “Conference”.  We will not be using Conferences & Special Topics in the Course Catalog.


Computer application programs, including Word, Excel, Access, PowerPoint, MHIS and Virtual Gateway (Intake and EIM)


Computer Technology

Courses that satisfy mandatory training requirements


NOTE: The Commonwealth Mandatory courses are found by selecting the that topic and your role, i.e., Employee or Manager:


  • Commonwealth Curriculum Diversity Training – Employee
  • Commonwealth Curriculum Diversity Training – Managers


Courses that are part of new employee orientation






If you want to find:


Only courses being offered by DMH

  • dmh


By location

  • City/town where the training is being held (e.g., Boston, Westboro)
  • DMH Area where the training is being held
  • Enter two or three letter abbreviation (e.g. CM, NEA) or
  • Enter full name of Area (Western Mass, Southeastern
  • Facility where the training is being held
  • Enter the facility name (e.g. MBMHU)

By title

  • Enter one or more words in the title

By subject matter area

  • Enter one or more words describing the general subject matter (e.g., risk, restraint, treatment)



Course Naming Conventions


NOTE:  Courses appear in alphabetical order according to the course name


Microsoft Computer Applications

All courses offered by DMH begin with the name of the agency followed by the name of the application and the specific topic or level.  Examples:

  • An Advanced level course on Excel offered by DMH will be named DMH Excel – Advanced
  • The title of a course on using Mail Merge in Word would start with Word, and then be followed by the topic name, such as DMH Word – Introduction to Mail Merge

Ongoing Series

Courses will be listed using the name of the series as a prefix to the topic name.  Examples:

  • Primary Care Lecture Series:  Migraine
  • Grand Rounds: Medical Psychiatry: Co-Morbid Medical and Psychiatric Conditions

Courses offered by other agencies

Begin with the three letter designation of the agency.  Examples:

  • DSS
  • HRD (Human Resource Development)
  • CSD (EOHHS Center for Staff Development)




Select Library, and then select Resources


The PACE Library will have a wide array of information and resources that are applicable to target audiences throughout state agencies.  Check back periodically…additional resources will be posted over time.



  • Be sure to enter the “AND” when you enter keywords if so indicated below.
  • Remember to bookmark any resources that you want to access in the future (Click on the information icon to the left of the resource, then click on “Add to Personal KC” button in right-hand information pane).






Job Aids for PACE ,

 MassMail, and Outlook


Professional Development

Computer Technology

DMH AND Job Aids

Conferences (External to DMH) of Professional / Mental Health Interest

Conferences & Special Events




Finding New Additions to PACE


PACE keeps track of content (both courses and resources) that have been added to PACE since you last logged in.  This can be an easy way to identify new courses, job aids, conferences, etc.  Click on the “What’s New” link in the left-hand pane.  Click on the “Search” link in What’s New to set your search criteria.