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HUD 811 Project Rental Assistance program for MassHealth members

HUD 811 Project Rental Assistance

The Executive Office of Health and Human Services (EOHHS) in partnership with the Massachusetts Department of Housing and Community Development (DHCD) received a grant from the U.S. Office of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) to provide housing for Money Follows the Person Demonstration enrollees and other targeted populations. The grant provides project-based rental units and mobile vouchers to eligible populations. MassHealth members transitioning from facilities remain the priority population as the MFP Demonstration winds down.  Opportunities for housing are available now, especially for members who want to transition from a nursing home or other long-stay facility to live in the community with services and supports.

For more information on 811 Project Rental Assistance, contact:

Jennifer Howell
Disability Housing Manager
Tel: (617) 937-9781
Email: Jennifer.M.Howell@mass.gov

Money Follows the Person (MFP) Project Office
Tel:  (617) 573-1647
Email: MFP@state.ma.us

Links to resources related to the 811 program are below

811 Application Materials

The forms below must be completed for any household seeking housing under the 811 Project Rental Assistance (PRA) grant. Please note that referrals are only accepted from case managers or service providers of eligible applicants. To be considered, the application must also include core documents for all household members. 

Additional Resources for

811 Project Rental Assistance Reports

These reports details Massachusetts’ outcomes of the collaboration between the Department of Housing and Community Development and the Money Follows the Person Demonstration in successfully re-housing individuals leaving long term care facilities.

Additional Resources for

Other helpful Housing Forms/Resources

Walk Through Residential Checklist – This checklist should be completed by the consumer (with guidance from staff assisting the consumer) and the landlord or manager within three days of moving in. All parties should perform a walk-through review of the property to mutually agree on its condition upon move-in, by signing this document. Each party should keep a copy of the signed checklist. This is a useful tool for use by the consumer and landlord or manager during the pre-move out inspection and again when determining if any of the tenant’s security deposit will be retained for cleaning or repairs after move-out.

Housing Search Needs and Preferences Assessment Form – This form is used to determine the housing needs and preferences for members transitioning from facilities who require affordable housing in the community. This form should be completed by entities or agency staff, if applicable, and submitted to the Statewide Strategic Housing Partnership Coordinator.