Hunter Education independent study option

Learn about the independent study option for completing Basic Hunter Education.

The Independent Study course is an ideal option for students with tight schedules who are self-motivated, conscientious, and learn well on their own.

MassWildlife's Hunter Education Program offers the Basic Hunter Education course in 2 formats; traditional and Independent Study. In an Independent Study course, the students are guided by an instructor team and learn the same material as students in a traditional course, but complete some of the coursework independently. 

During the first in-person session of an Independent Study course, students are given the option to do their homework either by completing a Student Workbook or by completing & printing the quizzes from a CD-ROM. Both formats are compatible with the Student Manual they are required to read and study. This essential homework must be turned in at the beginning of the second in-person session and is only part of the course. Students must attend the 2 class sessions they are scheduled for and PASS the final exam in order to earn their certificate. 

The main advantage with an Independent Study course is that this format offers a flexible learning option at a distance and allows the student to complete the necessary coursework without attending more than 2 in-person sessions.

This format requires as much time and effort as a traditional course and does require students to efficiently plan their schedule, in advance, in order to produce successful results within the allotted time. 

How to complete a course in this format

  1. Enroll in an Independent Study course.
    You must enroll in a scheduled course being offered in this format in order to attend

    Minors 17 years old or younger must have parental or guardian consent to participate. Parents and guardians are invited and strongly encouraged to accompany the minor as this format can be difficult for younger students. 
  2. Attend the first in-class session.
    Obtain instruction on course requirements, receive study materials including a student manual and receive lessons on Hunting laws and Hunter ethics.
  3. Complete and submit the necessary homework.
    Either complete the Northeast Hunter Education Manual Workbook and bring it to the field day or complete the lessons available on a CD-ROM and bring printed copies of the associated end-of-section quiz results. 
  4. Participate in the field day and take the final exam.
    At the field day, students participate in a number of hands-on activities. Class participation and performance is a factor in determining successful completion of the course. Students are expected to demonstrate safe gun handling and a mature and responsible attitude toward firearms, people and natural resources. There is also a multiple choice, final written exam. Students must pass the exam with a score of 80% or better.

Upon successful completion, graduates will receive a Certificate of Completion via postal mail recognized in all U.S. states, Canada, and Mexico.


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