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Information about Youth Vaping for Schools, Organizations, or Providers

Are you tackling the problem of youth vaping as a school, organization, or provider? Check out this toolkit with resources to help.

In Massachusetts, youth smoking rates are low. Use of e-cigarettes or electronic vapor products is highest in this age group with 51.2% of high school students having tried electronic vapor products, and 32% currently using these products (2019 MA Youth Health Survey). Nearly 15% of middle school students have tried electronic vapor products (2019 MA Youth Health Survey).

This toolkit provides tools and resources for Massachusetts schools, community-based organizations, and providers who are working to address the use of e-cigarettes and other vaping products by youth. It outlines opportunities for action, along with resources and tools to help. It also references two different campaigns developed by the MA Department of Public Health for parents and youth.

Download a hard copy version of the toolkit here. 

NOTE: The toolkit was last updated in 2019 and will be updated in Fall 2021.