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Infrared Thermometers

Products on this list were qualified by MassDOT as of the date posted: March 29, 2016
Product Name Manufacturer
Cole-Parmer Basic Class II
Cole-Parmer Basic Class III
Cole-Parmer Deluxe Class II
Cole-Parmer Deluxe Class III
Cole-Parmer ML-39755
Cole-Parmer WZ-39800
Fluke 63 
Fluke 66
Fluke 68
Fluke 68-IS
Fluke 561
Fluke 566
Fluke 568
Oakton InfraPro 1
Oakton InfraPro 3
Oakton InfraPro 4
Oakton InfraPro 5
Oakton Mini-InfraPro 4
Oakton Mini-InfraPro 6
Omega OS425-LS
Omega OS523E
Omega OS524E
Omega OS530E
Omega OS651
Omega OS651-LS
Testo 830
Testo 845
VWR Cat. #36934-180
VWR Cat. #36934-182