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Introduction - Wedding Insurance


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Wedding days can be expensive, with the costs of ceremonies, receptions, flowers and other items that you have planned for your wedding day. Wedding insurance is usually tied to the financial costs of the events that you have planned to take place on your wedding day if they are disrupted by unexpected events that may occur prior to or during the wedding. This may help pay for the costs of unexpected events that may delay the wedding ceremony or disrupt your special day.

The Division of Insurance has assembled some information to help you understand the issues involved in shopping for wedding insurance.

How to Use this Guide and Table of Contents

Section I: Risks to Your Special Day

Section II: Insurance

Section III: Costs And Losses

Appendix A: Glossary of Common Insurance Terms

Appendix B: Facts to Keep Handy About Your Own Policy 

Companies that Offer Wedding Insurance

Each year, the Division of Insurance surveys property and casualty companies licensed in Massachusetts asking them to report if they offer several specific insurance products. Click the link below to see a list of companies reporting that they sell wedding insurance.

Companies Offering Wedding Insurance