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Ipswich River Watershed

Learn about the Ipswich River Watershed, located in northeastern Massachusetts.

Watersheds Map

Map of Massachusetts Watersheds
Map of Massachusetts Watersheds


The Ipswich River begins in Burlington, MA and flows out to the Plum Island Sound in Ipswich. The River gets the majority of its flow from groundwater and wetlands, and has a tendency to run dry in certain weather patterns.

Details about the watershed include:

  • It encompasses 155 square miles of land.
  • It includes all or part of 21 communities.
  • Around 350,000 people rely on the watershed as their source of public drinking water - most live outside the watershed.
  • About 74% of the basin is forest land; about 10% is covered by lakes, ponds, and marshes.
  • There are 77 total lakes and ponds in the watershed.

Watershed Priorities

Priorities for the Ipswich River Watershed include:

  • Managing the factors that influence the river's low flow
  • Working with communities to develop a watershed plan for sustainable development
  • Restoring the river's health
  • Working with local schools, teaching kids the importance of the river and the watershed
  • Collaborating with watershed partners to improve and restore fisheries and wildlife habitats
  • Identifying sources of pollution that affect the health of the river

Watershed Success

Watershed Publications

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