IT Unit

The DPPC relies heavily on technology and consequently the DPPC IT Unit is a vital part of every activity.

Considering the small number of staff and large responsibility the DPPC has, it would be impossible to manage the volume of cases received without the contributions of DPPC's Information Technology Unit. The DPPC relies heavily on technology and consequently the DPPC IT Unit is a vital part of every activity. Every DPPC unit depends on the IT Unit to develop, modify and make available the most current and innovative technology; and by doing this the DPPC IT Unit helps to make the agency as efficient and effective as possible.

The DPPC Abuse Database is a one of a kind information management system developed at DPPC and primarily used to organize, store and report information about every abuse report, investigation, protective service action and oversight activity accomplished by DPPC staff. However, since its inception the database has evolved into an invaluable source of information not only about individual situations, but also about statewide trends regarding abuse of adults with disabilities.

Other state agencies, media outlets, service providers and a host of others request and receive information from the DPPC database annually. This information is utilized for news articles, service planning and court proceedings, to name just some of the uses.

DPPC digital database

Another major activity of DPPC's IT Unit is the development, operationalization and maintenance of the DPPC Digital Document Database. Developed through a project funded by the State Information Technology Department (ITD), the Digital Document Database has been approved by the State Board of Archives as the Commission's primary file system. Important agency information including investigation and oversight case files, historical documents, polices and procedures, legal documents and many other categories of information are stored in the Digital Document Database.

As a result of ITD's funding, the Department of Developmental Services, Department of Mental Health and the Massachusetts Rehabilitation Commission became part of a network of state agencies all sharing important information through DPPC's Digital Document Database.