John W. McCormack Building - Facilities Upgrade and Long-term Capital Improvements

This project is a capital improvement initiative for John W. McCormack Building located at 1 Ashburton Place, Boston MA

The Commonwealth’s Division of Asset Management and Maintenance (DCAMM) will be commencing a capital improvement initiative for John W. McCormack Building.  This follows an extensive 18-month Comprehensive Facilities Plan Study covering building envelope, building systems, occupancy, security and safety upgrades, etc. The study outlines a two-phase implementation strategy to modernize the building extending its useful life through next 50 years.  The first phase involves attending to critical building infrastructure at their end of their lifecycle. The second phase includes more longer term capital intensive project including building envelope, building systems and interior fit out.

Project Details

McCormack Building

Comprehensive Facilities Plan Consultant:  SAAM Architects
Project Type: CM at Risk
Gross Square Feet:  900,000 (includes garage)
Estimated Project Cost:  $500,000,000 - $550,000,000 (factors cost escalation through 2028)
Estimated Substantial Construction Completion Date:  2027-2028

McCormack Building Basics

Located just east of the Massachusetts State House, McCormack Building has served as one of the Commonwealth’s primary office facilities in the Boston area since it opened in 1975. Currently, McCormack houses a multitude of Commonwealth agencies, divisions and departments, as well as a cafeteria, public meeting spaces, a child care center. A critical part of the Commonwealth’s operational infrastructure, the building accommodates approximately 2,300-2,500 state employees spread across 33 agencies, and welcomes roughly 1,000 visitors/day. The office building - not including the 400 car garage – has approximately 678,000 gross square feet of occupied space.

Immediate Needs

DCAMM's next step is to address the pressing maintenance needs and to avoid future building shutdowns by upgrading life-safety systems, improving building security, and by replacing critical electrical, plumbing and HVAC systems that are at the end of their lifecycle.  Upon the completion of Immediate Needs repairs within the next 24-30 months, we will embark on a longer-term strategic implementation plan.  Total Project for Immediate Needs: $24,000,000.