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Land Court administrative office

Directory of Land Court administrative personnel

Land Court
Three Pemberton Square
Boston, MA 02108

Main    617-788-7470
Fax      617-788-8951
TTY      617-788-8956

Land Court Recorder's Office Hours
8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.

Recorder and Land Court Personnel

Name Title Phone Number
Deborah J. Patterson Recorder (617) 788-7470
Ellen M. Kelley Deputy Recorder (617) 788-7470
Edmund A. Williams
Chief Title Examiner (617) 788-7470
Melvin A. Karas Assistant Clerk (617) 788-7470
Leo W. Bieler, III Title Examiner (617) 788-7470
John R. Harrington Title Examiner (617) 788-7470
Marlene M. Ayash Title Examiner (617) 788-7470
James H. Bothwell Title Examiner (617) 788-7470
Christina T. Geaney Title Examiner (617) 788-7470
Olga Bagnel Title Examiner (617) 788-7470
Maura G. Egan Title Examiner (617) 788-7470

Staff Contacts for Cases

Name Assignments Phone Number
Mary Armstrong
Sessions Clerk for Judge Piper (GHP)

(617) 788-7442

Kathleen Hayes
Sessions Clerk for Judge Cutler (JCC) (617) 788-7425   
Jennifer Masello
Sessions Clerk for Judge Vhay (MDV) (617) 788-7406
Jennifer Noonan
Sessions Clerk for Judge Scheier (KFS) (617) 788-7513
Emily Rosa
Sessions Clerk for Judge Speicher (HPS) (617) 788-7419   
Scott Smith
Sessions Clerk for Judge Long (KCL) (617) 788-7463
Joseph Walsh
Sessions Clerk for Judge Foster (RBF) (617) 788-7423

Administrative Office Personnel

Title Name
Chief Justice Judith C. Cutler
Deputy Court Administrator Jill K. Ziter
Administrative Attorney Lauren Reznick
Research Attorney Caitlin Loftus
System Administrator Verneil Agard
Fiscal Operations Supervisor Barbara Lewiton
Account Clerk Carmelita Sanford

ADA Coordinator

Barbara Lewiton  
Phone: 1-617-788-7474 
Fax: 1-617-788-8953


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