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Leading by Example Progress - Renewable and Onsite Generation

Progress in increasing renewable and onsite energy generation at Massachusetts state facilities.

Renewable and Onsite Generation Progress

Progress - renewable & onsite generation graph

In Fiscal Year 2014, with a total electricity consumption of 1.4 billion kWh, 216 million kWh were generated by onsite renewable energy (green bar) and combined heat and power (purple bar), just over 20% of state government’s total electricity consumption. Red line represents Executive Order 484 Target for Fiscal Year 2014, 289.47 million.

Solar Installations Progress

Progress - solar PV graph

Solar photovoltaic (PV) installations at state facilities have increased from less than 100kW in 2006 to more than 21MW through December 2016, equivalent to the electricity usage of 3,216 Massachusetts homes.


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