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Learn about Diversity and Inclusion

Our programs aim to eliminate practices, policies and processes that impede our ability to be a diverse and inclusive employer of choice.

What is Diversity?

Diversity is defined as valuing the differences among the Commonwealth's employees and all those with whom we do business.  These differences include but are not limited to race, gender, gender identity or expression, color national origin and ancestry, religion, age, mental/physical disability, sex, sexual orientation, veteran's status, organizational level, economic status, geographical origin, marital status, communication and learning styles, and other characteristics and traits; and developing an inclusive environment that capitalizes on each individual's talents, skills and perspectives in order to increase organizational productivity and effectiveness.

What is Inclusion?

Inclusion is defined as the act of creating environments in which any individual group can feel welcomed, respected, supported and valued.  Bringing together, harnessing and leveraging our diversity to benefit the Commonwealth.  Inclusion puts the concept and practice of diversity into ACTION!

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