Learn about the DTA Connect app

Learn about DTA Connect and how you can download, log in, and use the mobile app.

Do you have questions about your DTA benefits? With the DTA Connect app, you may not have to wait in line at a DTA office or use up your minutes on hold. DTA Connect is an easier way to get the information you need and manage your case without the wait.


Who can use DTA Connect?

If you are an active, pending, or former DTA client that has a smartphone or tablet, you can use DTA Connect.

What can I do with DTA Connect?

Download the app, log in with your Social Security number and birth year, and you can:

  • view your case status, monthly benefit amount, next benefit issue date, important deadlines, real time EBT balance, and more.  
  • get alerts about your benefits, including upcoming appointments and important deadlines or actions you have to take.
  • read notices with information about your case and general news from DTA.
  • find out if documents you’ve sent to DTA have been processed.
  • see local contact information for DTA, update your own contact information, and request text or email notifications.
  • request to have a letter mailed to you showing the amount of benefits you receive.
  • take a photo of a document, upload it, and submit it to DTA instantly.

*While DTA Connect is a helpful tool, you may still need to fax or mail, call, or come into a DTA office to conduct business with us.

How much does DTA Connect cost?

DTA Connect is free to download.

Download DTA Connect to your Android phone or tablet


Download DTA Connect to your iPhone or iPad



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