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Learn about the Group Insurance Commission

Who we are and what we do.

The Group Insurance Commission (GIC) is a quasi-independent state agency governed by a 17-member Commission appointed by the Governor. 

Established by the Legislature in 1955, the GIC provides and administers health insurance and other benefits to the Commonwealth's employees and retirees, their dependents and survivors. The GIC also covers housing and redevelopment authority personnel, participating municipalities, as well as retired municipal employees and teachers in certain governmental units.

Under the leadership of Executive Director Matt Veno, the GIC is committed to achieving these four goals:

  • Provide access to high quality, affordable benefit options for employees, retirees and dependents
  • Limit the financial liability to the Commonwealth and others (of fulfilling benefit obligations) to sustainable growth rates
  • Use the GIC’s leverage to innovate and  otherwise favorably influence the Massachusetts health care market
  • Evolve business and operational environment of the GIC to better meet business demands and security standards.

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