Learn about the MassDOER Volunteer Clean Energy Internship Program

MassDOER seeks interns from different racial, cultural, economic and ethnic backgrounds, regardless of their sexual orientation or disability status.

Program Description

MassDOER’s Volunteer Clean Energy Internship Program is part of the Executive Office of Energy and Environmental Affairs (EEA) Academic Internship Program.  

DOER offers internships for people interested in working in the clean energy field.   Internships exist for undergraduate, graduate and law school students. 


About MassDOER Summer 2020 Internships

Current internship positions are unpaid but offer flexible schedules. DOER helps students get academic credit for the internship from their respective schools.

Internships take place in supervised settings in DOER's Divisions and functions. Interns may have the opportunity to attend statewide conferences, trainings, and/or workshops.

Internship applications are now available.  Visit EEA’s Internship Application page for more information on how to apply. Click on Apply to an Internship with EEA for DOER listings and application form

DOER Divisions & Functions

DOER has five Divisions:

DOER Functions include legal, fiscal, communications and engineering. 

Not all Division or functions offer internships.  

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