Learn about the model memorandum of understanding for schools and police departments

The model memorandum of understanding for schools and police departments was issued in accordance with the criminal justice reform law enacted in April 2018.

The purpose of the model memorandum of understanding (MOU) is to help schools and police departments formalize and clarify their partnership as they jointly implement a school resource officer program.

As described in the model MOU, a school resource officer (SRO) program is intended to

  • promote school safety;
  • help maintain a positive school climate for all students, families, and staff;
  • enhance cultural understanding between students and law enforcement;
  • promote school participation and completion by students;
  • facilitate appropriate information-sharing; and
  • inform a collaborative relationship to best serve the school community.

In accordance with the law, the model MOU describes the process for selecting the SRO, the roles of the SRO and school administrators in responding to student misbehavior, information sharing between the SRO and school personnel, and SRO training requirements. The MOU also includes provisions to help ensure compliance with several pre-existing laws, including the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA).

The Attorney General's Office, the Executive Office of Public Safety and Security, and the Department of Elementary and Secondary Education were joined by partners in law enforcement and education, as well as committed advocates for youth, juvenile justice, mental health, and disability, in developing this MOU. 

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