Learn how to teach your students about lead poisoning - for educators

Educating kids about the dangers of lead poisoning is important. With this collection of lessons, you can start a conversation about lead.

Environmental dangers, like lead poisoning, can be hard for children to understand. Lead isn't like a tornado or a hurricane. you can't see the danger. Because of this, educating children about lead poisoning is important in preventing their exposure.

Lesson 1- What is lead?

In this activity, kids focus on defining lead, and identifying possible places that would be a lead hazard.

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Lesson 2- Washing your hands often can help prevent lead poisoning!

In this activity, kids focus on the importance of washing their hands. Washing their hands is one of the best things a child can do to prevent lead poisoning.

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Lesson 3- Healthy food helps protect you from lead poisoning!

In this activity, students will learn about healthy foods. Some foods high in calcium and iron can help keep lead from being absorbed by the body.

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