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An overview of coverage and benefits for GIC Retired Municipal Teachers (RMTs).

N/A for Municipalities

According to Massachusetts Law Chapter 32B, the following cities, towns and school districts participate in our Retired Municipal Teacher (RMT) benefit program. If your school district is not listed, contact your local benefit office for your district's benefit options and forms:

When you should apply for coverage

You should apply before your retirement date.  For example, if you are retiring in June, we suggest that you apply by June 15th. If you are retiring at the end of December, we suggest that you apply by December 15th. Applications received after 60 days of retirement will require certification of coverage through the city/town/school district at retirement and proof of involuntary loss of other health coverage.

What the health plan options are for GIC Retired Municipal Teachers

See the GIC health insurance products section of this website for health plan options.

Where to obtain the forms

You obtain the forms from the insurance coordinator at your school department or on the forms section of this website. Be sure to submit the required documents outlined on the form with your application

When to change your coverage

If you wish to change from one health plan to another, you may only do so at Annual Enrollment, if you move outside your plan's service area, or if you become eligible for Medicare (at which time you must enroll in a GIC Medicare Plan).

If you wish to change from life insurance only to life and health coverage, you must apply within 60 days of a qualifying event or wait until the GIC's next Annual Enrollment.

You may change from individual to family coverage or family to individual coverage within 60 days of a qualifying status change. See the family status change questions section for additional details. Otherwise, you must wait until Annual Enrollment to make a change.

How to change your life insurance beneficiary

You may change beneficiaries at any time by completing a Beneficiary Designation (Form 319 for one to three beneficiaries; G-500 for four or more beneficiaries or special designations, such as an estate and trusts). Call the GIC at 617.727.2310 Ext. 1 for the form.

What happens to your coverage if your municipality is joining the GIC

You will continue to be eligible for GIC health insurance and will now be eligible for all GIC health plan options.  You must enroll in health coverage during the designated open enrollment period.  Municipalities are not eligible for GIC life insurance.  You will lose this coverage, but may be able to pick it up through the municipality.  Some municipalities participate in the GIC's Retiree Dental plan, see the Retiree Dental section for details.

Where to find information if you have questions about Medicare coverage and GIC health insurance

Visit the Medicare section for details.

Other Questions? Call the GIC's RMT Unit at 617.727.2310 extension 7064


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