Legal Department


The Legal Division provides legal support and advice to the Commissioner of Insurance, Division staff, consumers, executive and legislative branch members and other interested parties in the Massachusetts insurance marketplace. Staff Attorneys research and draft bulletins, regulations and interpretative letters on Massachusetts insurance law, analyze insurance-related legislation and frequently serve as hearing officers in administrative proceedings.

The Commissioner of Insurance, as administrator of the insurance laws, must conduct hearings on a wide range of issues, including statewide insurance rate cases, actions taken by the Division against its licensees and administrative appeals, including those from decisions of the residual market entities overseen by the Commissioner. These matters significantly affect Massachusetts consumers and businesses and are the top priority of the Hearings & Appeals section of the Legal Division. The administrative hearing process offers a flexible alternative to litigation and allows participants to benefit from the Commissioner's expertise.

The Hearings and Appeals staff maintain all official records of cases before the Division, issues notices of public hearings and ensures prompt public access to records, many of which may be obtained at the Division's website. The Docket Clerk provides assistance to consumers and industry representatives who have questions regarding cases or who wish to conduct in-house reviews of case records.