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Limited Assistance Representation in the Housing Court

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Housing Court LAR

On April 10, 2009, the Supreme Judicial Court issued an Order (effective May 1, 2009) providing that Limited Assistance Representation (“LAR”) may be implemented in any Department of the Trial Court in such Divisions and in connection with such matters as each Chief Justice, in his or her discretion and with the approval of the Chief Justice [of the Trial Court], may prescribe. See Limited Assistance Representation.

On August 30, 2010, the Housing Court issued Standing Order 1-10 (effective November 1, 2010) which implemented the uses of LAR within the divisions of the Housing Court.  LAR permits a “qualified attorney”   to assist a self-represented litigant on a limited basis without undertaking a fully representation of the client. 

The Administrative Office of the Housing Court will be creating a “master list” of LAR attorneys who practice in the Housing Court.  This list will consist of the attorney’s: 1) name; 2) address; 3) phone number; 4) email address and 5) BBO number.  This “master list” will help self-represented litigants, both landlords and tenants, access valuable legal services from members of the bar who participate in LAR.

If you are an attorney who uses LAR within the Housing Court and would like to be included on the list, please complete the online form.  Once the information is compiled it will be posted on the Housing Court’s section of the Judicial Branch's website and updated periodically.  

Timothy F. Sullivan
Chief Justice

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