Loss of Coverage Due to Strike

Information regarding GIC health insurance coverage due to the Verizon strike.

We have received a few inquiries about whether the Verizon strike is a qualifying event for purposes of joining GIC health insurance coverage.  Yes, a GIC-eligible spouse of a Verizon employee is eligible to enroll in GIC health insurance benefits within 60 days of the loss of coverage due to the strike.  If the employee wishes to have coverage effective May 1, he/she must prepay his/her share of the health insurance premium.  You must attach a copy of the Verizon strike letter noting loss of health coverage, a marriage certificate, birth certificates and dependent age 19 to 26 for covered dependents for family coverage.

Please advise these employees wishing to enroll that if they do enroll in GIC coverage they cannot cancel GIC coverage (even if Verizon reinstates coverage at a future date) until the spouse’s or the GIC’s Annual Enrollment period.


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