Mandatory Ethics Exam for OCIS Interpreters

Interpreters for the courts must complete a mandatory ethics exam in order to provide services with OCIS.

Professionally-trained court interpreters have an individual responsibility to know and uphold their ethical standards of practice in the performance of their duties. The Code of Professional Conduct for Court Interpreters of the Trial Court (Code of Conduct) Section 4.00 of the Standards and Procedures for Court Interpreter Services (Standards & Procedures) governs the role of Massachusetts court interpreters. Following the November 2009 issuance of a revised Code of Conduct, the Office of Court Interpreter Services is pleased to offer its Mandatory Ethics Training in 2010 to help its interpreters apply the currently approved standards of practice. This ethics training includes a written exam and a three-hour workshop on the Code of Conduct.

In offering this comprehensive training on the revised Code of Conduct, OCIS hopes to achieve a three-fold goal:

  • That interpreters carefully review and understand the code’s contents
  • That they acquire insights into applying its standards effectively, and
  • That OCIS and its interpreters collaborate in supporting the standards of practice.

This OCIS mandatory training is open only to active OCIS screened and certified court interpreters.

Purpose of Ethics Exam

The Ethics Exam is comprised of multiple-choice questions that reference each section of the Code of Conduct, and for which the code provides concrete responses. This preliminary, detailed review of the contents of the Code of Conduct will prepare interpreters for the interactive analysis and discussion of ethically-challenging scenarios at the Workshop later on.

Submitting the Completed Ethics Exam: Mandatory Requirement

  • All currently active OCIS screened and certified interpreters must complete the Ethics Exam before attending the Ethics Workshop.
  • The Ethics Exam is based directly on the contents of the Code of Conduct. All questions have a specific response available on the Code of Conduct, and you should answer the questions accordingly. (See "Instructions for Completing the Ethics Exam.")
  • Interpreters may either download or print-out the Answer Sheet provided below (see Additional Resources) to indicate their responses to the exam questions.

Additional Resources for

Exam Evaluation

OCIS will correct all the Answer Sheets and will return them to interpreters on the day they attend their Ethics Workshop, where there will be a general run-through of the exam. Results will be confidential.

In reviewing interpreters' responses to the exam OCIS will acquire a more precise picture of the areas to focus on in terms of ethics training and continuing education. Although there will not be an actual grade assigned to exams, OCIS encourages its interpreters to clarify areas of doubt as they become evident from the correction of their Answer Sheets. The Ethics Exam should serve OCIS interpreters as a guideline for continued self-study and review of the Code of Conduct.

The completed Answer Sheet must be submitted to OCIS Program Manager for Interpreter Training, Narda Campusano-Horton, by fax, mail, or email:

Email: (Please write "Answer Sheet" in the Subject Line)
Fax: (617) 367-9293
Postal mail:
Office of Court Interpreter Services
Attention: Program Manager for Interpreter Training Narda Campusano-Horton
2 Center Plaza, 9th Floor
Boston, MA 02108