Mass Animal Fund Overview

The Fund’s seeks to end animal homelessness in Massachusetts and to support local animals in need.
Group of outdoor cats

Animal homelessness is a problem that causes animals’ lives to be lost to euthanasia, poses a public safety concern, and costs taxpayer money to pay for services for stray, abandoned, and feral animals and their offspring.  Sterilization of animals decreases not only the number of homeless and feral animals born each year, but it can also decrease unwanted behavior in owned animals, including roaming and aggression, which are both factors that can lead to the surrender and euthanasia of animals. One solution to this problem is investing in spaying/neutering animals. Another is standardized and required animal control officer training that creates uniform enforcement of animal control laws.

The Fund works towards preventing animal homelessness by:

  • Offsetting costs of vaccination, spaying, and neutering of homeless cats and dogs;
  • Offsetting costs of vaccination, spaying, and neutering of dogs and cats owned by low-income residents;
  • Assisting with the training of animal control officers consistent with section 151C of Chapter 140.

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