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Massachusetts law about corporations

A compilation of laws, regulations, cases, and web sources on corporations law.

Massachusetts laws

MGL c.155 Corporations: General Provisions
MGL c.156 Business Corporations
MGL c.156A Professional Corporations
MGL c.156B Certain Business Corporations
MGL c.156C Limited Liability Companies
MGL c.156D Massachusetts Business Corporation Act
MGL c.156E Benefit Corporations
MGL c.157 Cooperative Corporations
MGL c.157A Employee Cooperative Corporations
MGL c.157B Cooperative Housing Corporations
MGL c.158 Certain Miscellaneous Corporations

Massachusetts regulations

950 CMR 113 The Massachusetts Business Corporation Act, MGL c. 156D


Massachusetts corporation forms

Selected case law

Varney Enterprises, Inc. v. WMF, Inc., 402 Mass. 79 (1988) 
"In this case, we hold that, except for small claim matters, a corporation may not be represented in judicial proceedings by a corporate officer who is not an attorney licensed to practice law in the Commonwealth." The case interprets MGL c.221 s.46, Practice of law by corporations; prohibition; exception.

Web sources


Benefit corporations

Nonprofit corporations

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