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Massachusetts law about elders' issues

A compilation of laws, regulations, cases, and web sources on elders' issues law.

Massachusetts laws

MGL c.6A, s.18L Silver Alert Community Response System
MGL c.62, s.6(k) Real Estate Tax Credit for those 65 and older
MGL c.90, s.22I Permits health care providers and law enforcement officers to report "cognitive or functional impairment or incapability to operate motor vehicle safely" to the Registry of Motor Vehicles.
MGL c.111, s.236 (as added by St.2016, c.332) CARE Act: Allows patient to designate family caregiver.

Crimes against the elderly

MGL c.19A s.14 Elder abuse, definitions.
MGL c.265 s.15A  Assault and battery with a dangerous weapon, victim 60 or older.
MGL c.265 s.15B Assault with a dangerous weapon, victim 60 or older
MGL c.265 s.18 Assault with intent to murder, victim 60 or older
MGL c.265 s.19 Robbery by unarmed person, victim 60 or older.

Massachusetts regulations

105 CMR 309 Safe driving. "designate[s] for health care providers and the Registry of Motor Vehicles cognitive or functional impairments that are likely to affect a person's ability to safely operate a motor vehicle."

540 CMR 24 Medical qualifications for operators of motor vehicles. "provid[es] minimum physical and mental qualification standards determined to be necessary for the safe operation of a motor vehicle."

Web sources

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