MassBays Governance

MassBays is composed of a network of partners representing a broad range of interests and expertise across the estuaries.

Massachusetts Bays National Estuary Partnership (MassBays) is a cooperative venture of the Massachusetts Executive Office of Energy and Environmental Affairs, the Massachusetts Office of Coastal Zone Management, and the Environmental Protection Agency. One-third of our annual operating budget funds grants to Regional Service Providers which provide on-the-ground technical assistance to communities in five regions.  Our Management Committee  provides overall program guidance, while Local Governance Committees set priorities for activities within each of the regions.

MassBays' central staff in Boston includes a Executive Director who oversees and coordinates the program and a Staff Scientist who manages science and technical programs. Similar to the other NEPs, MassBays has a dedicated EPA coordinator who serves as the liaison between the regional EPA office (EPA-New England) and MassBays.

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Regional Service Providers

MassBays is one of the largest and most diverse National Estuary Programs, and to meet the varied needs of the 50 communities and numerous watersheds in our planning area we provide grant funds to Regional Service Providers. These partners provide staff – Regional Coordinators – who work with Local Governance Committees to identify local priorities and for planning and actions to improve the health of local coastal habitats. Find out more about MassBays Regional Coordination.

The regional host organizations include:

Management Committee

MassBays has expert guidance from a Management Committee made up of individuals representing environmental and resource management agencies, nonprofit environmental groups, academic institutions, business interests, and other important stakeholders. The Management Committee fosters a collaborative and coordinated approach to critical issues affecting the MassBays planning area, guiding implementation of the Comprehensive Conservation and Management Plan, establishing program priorities, and approving annual work plans. A list of current members if provided below.

The Management Committee meets four times a year, acting in accordance with its Structure and Operating Procedures and Conflict of Interest Policy. Meeting dates and materials are provided here.

The Management Committee establishes subcommittees to focus on specific issues: 

  • Nominating and Governance Subcommittee (Samantha Woods, Chair)
  • Finance Subcommittee (Colin Van Dyke, Chair)
  • Science and Technical Advisory Subcommittee (STAC) (Dan Codiga, Chair)
  • Communications and Outreach Subcommittee

Each subcommittee is made up of members of the Management Committee or their representatives. Additional experts are invited as needed. Subcommittees meet regularly throughout the year.


Julie Simpson, MIT Sea Grant

Vice Chair


Committee Members

Julia Blatt, Massachusetts Rivers Alliance 
Rebecca Dupont-Coutu, Salem Sound Coastwatch
Jennifer Hughes, Merrimack Valley Planning Commission
Harlan Doliner, Marine and Oceanographic Technology Network
Tyler Soleau, Office of Coastal Zone Management
Tay Evans, Division of Marine Fisheries
Mark Fine, Metropolitan Area Planning Commission
David Goldstein, Department of Transportation
Andrew Gottlieb, Association to Preserve Cape Cod
Jon Grabowski, Northeastern University Marine Science Center
Denise Ellis-Hibbett, Massachusetts Water Resources Authority
Georgeann Keer, Division of Ecological Restoration
Stephen Kirk, The Nature Conservancy
Regina Lyons, U.S. Environmental Protection Agency
Lealdon Langley, Department of Environmental Protection
Rebecca Newhall, National Oceanographic and Atmospheric Administration
Vandana Rao, Executive Office of Energy and Environmental Affairs
Kristin Uiterwyk, Urban Harbors Institute, UMass Boston
Samantha Woods, North and South Rivers Watershed Association

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